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Work One-on-One with Dr. Jo North

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Do you want to accelerate your innovation and growth, and get great, sustainable results fast?

Could you use some super-focused input, help and support, tailored specifically for you?

In your one-on-one Teams or Zoom sessions with Dr. Jo North, you’ll do a deep dive into your challenge or opportunity. You’ll create a practical action plan and gain the clarity, confidence and knowledge you need to make the best decisions for you, and take the next steps towards your professional or business ambition.

Your one-on-one work with Dr. Jo could center on leadership, innovation and business strategy, or facilitation and collaboration.

Get in touch now for a no-obligation discovery call with Dr. Jo before you invest in your one-time Power Hour (actually up to 90 minutes) with Dr. Jo for $290 (USD), £240 plus VAT (GBP), €275 (Euro), or Dr. Jo’s Idea Time one-on-one 12-week programme – POA.