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Idea Time book by Dr. Jo North

Create Eureka moments for business success

Boost your business brainpower, develop your decision-making and tap into the creative potential of your network.

  • Activate your business brain to achieve ‘whole brain thinking’.
  • Increase the number and quality of your business ideas.
  • Improve the creativity and innovation output of your meetings.
  • Develop an innovation culture within your team or workplace.

In this fascinating and inspirational new book, Jo North, PhD offers an insightful, pragmatic and time-efficient roadmap to success, taking the reader through a thought-provoking, creative thinking process to achieve an actionable plan for accelerated and sustainable results.

Dr. Jo North’s Idea Time book draws upon cutting-edge research in entrepreneurship, business creativity and innovation, productivity, human performance and success, and takes lessons from relatable business innovation case studies.

Idea Time is a book that will help you to find a clear path to achieving your big, ambitious goals. It also offers dozens of personal ‘lightbulb’ moments and insights, into yourself and the people you work with. The book is packed with practical tools, techniques and strategies that you will use well into the future.

Meet the Author

Jo brings a unique perspective to people and organisational development as she combines her mentoring, facilitation and innovation skills with real world, commercial business experience. Jo has proven expertise in designing and delivering commercial innovation activities and also in coaching high potential managers and directors. She has worked in a variety of different industries – from accountancy to retailing, publishing and transport, where she acquired significant experience of working at Board level across a number of sector-leading businesses.

Driven by her passion for helping individuals and organisations to succeed and achieve their full potential, Jo achieved her PhD in innovation and entrepreneurship at the University of York where she undertook ground-breaking research into developing entrepreneurial talent in organisations.