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Innovation Consulting

We love helping our customers to open doors to innovation and growth that they sometimes don’t even know are there.

Our clients benefit from Jo’s innovation consulting services when they want some additional commercial, innovative brainpower and hands-on, ‘done for you’ support in growing, repositioning or transforming their organisations.

Because Jo is an experienced senior leader as well as innovation expert, she is a highly effective contributor to and interim member of the teams of several of our clients, working at director level.

If there is a significant innovation project or growth strategy that you want to achieve in your business, but either don’t have the bandwidth or know-how in your current leadership team, Jo will get the job done. She will work on your behalf as a member of your team and ensure that you are fully informed and happy with what we are doing every step of the way.

Here are just a few examples of the innovation consulting projects that Jo delivered successfully for some of our clients:

Jo is currently supporting Port of Tyne with innovation strategy and growth, including the 2050 Innovation Hub, as Technology and Transformation Director on an ongoing basis.