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Virtual Facilitation

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Fantastic Virtual Meetings, Workshops & People Engagement Sessions

Level up your virtual meetings, workshops, trainings, calls, webinars and online events with our team of expert facilitators.

With more and more teams working remotely and connecting across locations we think it’s super important to make sure that every colleague involved benefits from engaging, social, relevant and productive online meeting experiences.

If you’re a novice or untrained virtual facilitator it can be challenging to work the tech, keep everyone interested and contributing and create as close to an in-person experience as possible.

And virtual sessions are different from face-to-face ones because…

… there’s less visible body language to ‘read’

… it’s so easy for delegates to do other stuff at the same time as the session is going on

… some people find online sessions just plain boring – especially if they already spend a lot of their day in online meetings

…some team members can find it intimidating to speak out or be seen on camera when there’s a screen, especially when the session is being recorded

That’s where we come in!

We will either show you how to virtually facilitate your sessions or facilitate your sessions for you using Zoom or Teams online meeting software.

Our facilitators (Jo North and Paul Slater) will work with you in advance to get a really great understanding of the objectives of your session and design a structure and format to meet your specific, individual requirements.

We’ll use our innovative facilitation methodology to help your team create, connect and collaborate for results.

We’ll lead the digital facilitation process so that everyone can get involved, focus on the core content, feel part of and buy into the final solution.

Our all-inclusive virtual facilitation package is just £150 plus VAT per hour that we are live in session, for sessions of up to c. 30 people.

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