Idea Time

     Why not join our Idea Time innovation programme?

  • Only 45 minutes a week for three months. At a time and place each week to suit you!
  • Achieve your goal and receive leading-edge, personalised leadership development.
  • Learn how to have more, even better ideas to sharpen your performance.
  • Get more creativity and innovation from others, and influence more effectively.


Make an Impact

     Idea Time is great for:

  • People managers at any level
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Individuals who are managing new or complex projects / growth initiatives
  • Employees working on improving business processes and / or customer service
  • People with sales and profit targets


Online Innovation Course

You will learn how to:

  • Use a range of different thinking techniques and approaches to sharpen your performance.
  • Get more creativity and ideas from the people you work with.
  • Successfully influence other people.

We will provide you with:

  • Online, printable workbooks, creative worksheets and online activities. • Links to weekly 3-5 minute Flipchart Friday videos.
  • Weekly support by Skype, email or phone from your personal tutor. • Optional extra reading and activities if you want to do more!
idea time online innovation programme
Personal and Business Benefits
  • Our online innovation course is tailored to the specific needs of the individual throughout, to create a highly targeted, bespoke learning experience.

  • In week one, you will identify a key commercial goal or challenge that you aim to achieve for the business. Examples include: increased sales; customer experience; develop / launch new products or services; develop team culture; improve operating efficiency. 

  • You will work to achieve your target outcome through the programme, supported by weekly one-to-one support from Dr. Jo North, an innovation and business growth expert. The learning from the programme is applied to this goal or challenge, so that you will actively use the course materials to benefit you and your business.

  • You will also receive an individual Foursight TM profile that identifies your personal innovation and creative problem style preferences and learn how to leverage your preferences for more productive outcomes.

  • Because the time commitment required is only 45 minutes per week, at a time and place to suit you, the programme has the benefit of providing a flexible and personalised development experience that does not require significant chunks of time away from the business.

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Achieve Your Goals

online innovation course benefits

1-2-1 Support

online innovation course benefits

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