Eco-innovation - The Big Bang Partnership



Eco-innovation means building a more sustainable business, one innovation at a time.

We help our customers to integrate sustainability their business strategy, new product development and service innovation plans.

Eco-innovation with our team

Through our eco-innovation consulting, facilitated workshops and sprints, we help your team and stakeholders to innovate more sustainably. This includes how you serve your customers, shape your product and service value propositions and grow profitability by being greener.

Eco-innovate with us to launch a brand new business, product or service, to pivot your current portfolio or to accelerate your journey to achieving net zero carbon, or carbon negative.

Our philosophy

To avoid the worst impacts of climate change, global greenhouse gas emissions must reach net-zero by 2050.

Achieving this target requires innovation across sectors in every part of our economies and societies.
Business leaders want to be part of the solution.

Green business growth is a huge challenge. It matters to every company around the globe, from micro-businesses through to international corporates.

Our eco-innovation packages and programmes are part of the solution. We’ll provide you with brilliant, easy-to-use tools and high impact events to help you to build sustainability into your company’s DNA.

Work with us

We will help you to:

  • Build sustainability into the heart of your business model
  • Shape your eco-innovation roadmap
  • Connect better with your customers through your sustainable value proposition
  • Harness the creativity and expertise of your team, community and stakeholders for successful eco-innovation
  • Make your eco-innovations happen, better and faster

We’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch for a complementary, exploratory conversation. It’s the first step towards accelerating your journey to net zero.

Examples of eco-innovation projects

Just as few examples of our eco-innovation projects are:

  • Facilitation of diverse stakeholders and consultancy support for a 25-year environment strategy for a utilities company
  • Innovation sprints for Northumbrian Water Group on the value of water and reducing water usage (consumers)
  • Clean energy innovation roadmapping for the maritime sector
  • Business model and value proposition support for SMEs