Influencing Skills

This one-day programme is designed to improve your influencing skills at work, internally with colleagues or externally with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.


Our Influencing Skills programme will give you an understanding of how to leverage your own personal influencing style, generating optimal outcomes for yourself and others. It will also provide increased awareness of the styles of others and how these will impact relationships and decision-making.

Influencing Skills and Techniques

You will gain influencing techniques and strategies that you will be able to implement in everyday situations at work. For example:

  • Cross-functional project teams and working groups
  • Contributing effectively in meetings
  • Influencing upwards and influencing peers
  • How to influence others without having ‘formal’ or ‘line management’ authority
  • Challenging others constructively and supportively
  • Influencing in ‘difficult’ and ‘sensitive’ situations
  • We guarantee that you will achieve all of this without any role play whatsoever!

Learning outcomes

You will learn how to:

  • Have a greater awareness of your own influencing style preferences.
  • Recognise the influencing style preferences of others.
  • Understand the difference between positive influencing and negative persuasion.
  • Be able to adapt your own influencing approach to achieve better, win-win outcomes.

High-level Outline


  • Defining successful influence
  • Influence, integrity and personal brand

Understanding influence

  • Key success factors
  • The universal principles of influencing
  • Emotional intelligence and influence
  • Potential barriers and strategies to overcome them

Influencing groups

  • Different agendas to shared objectives
  • Strategies to connect, engage and motivate your colleagues
  • Creating a culture of accountability and delivery

Individual influencing strategies

  • Personal influencing style inventory
  • Expanding individual repertoire – the influencing ‘toolkit’
  • Leading upwards and across

Managing Difference

  • The value of diversity, creative tension and how to manage it
  • Dealing with conflict constructively
  • ‘Difficult’ people and groups

Who the programme is for

Our Influencing Skills programme is ideal for:

  • Leaders, managers and technical specialists in any organisation.
  • People working in changing organisations or dynamic relationships with colleagues, suppliers or customers.

Programme impact

Just a few of the comments from Influencing Skills delegates are:

“Jo is always a delight to work with. I enjoy her courses and feel like I always leave with lots

of help and support.”

“Really enjoyable and thought provoking.”

“A very interactive and clear course.”

“Great course, changed the way I think about influencing.”

“This programme is great for people from all backgrounds and industries if you want to learn how to better communicate and how to show your skills to others properly.”

“I was educated in techniques I had no idea existed!”

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