Hello there!

Come and join my 3 month, weekly bitesize programme.

I am very excited about working with you to help you achieve even better personal and business results.

I have designed my business innovation programme specifically for very busy and successful leaders, just like you, who are always looking to work even smarter and continuously keep honing their skills. That’s why a key feature of the Idea Time Bitesize Programme is a maximum time commitment of only 45 minutes per week over 12 weeks.


Your Programme

Personal Brainpower

Weeks 1-4

  1. Setting your goals for the next three months – tailoring this programme just for you
  2. Your business brain
  3. How to have more, even better business ideas (1)
  4. How to have more, even better business ideas (2)

Creating Team Synergy

Weeks 5-8

5. What is your team’s brainpower potential
6. Positive creative tension – the healthy approach
7. Building innovation team culture
8. Techniques for better team / project meetings

Making a Difference

Weeks 9-12

9. Impactful influencing (1) – Personal style
10. Impactful influencing (2) – Influencing groups
11. Impactful influencing (3) – Dealing with “difficult”         people and situations
12. Putting it all together – and receiving your certificate!

What's Involved

20 Minutes…

…of personal reflection, prompted by your personal workbook programme and associated online materials that I will send you each week.

20 Minutes..

…of personal time with me by phone / Skype / email to touch base and provide you with a ‘sounding board’ for anything work-related that I can help with. This is optional each week, but I do recommend that you have a quick catch-up at least fortnightly.

5 Minutes…

…of video time! At the end of each week I will send you a link to my ‘Flipchart Friday’ 5 minute online video segments, to help bring the topic of the week to life.

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