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Open Innovation

Have you considered Open Innovation for your business?

If you lead a larger organisation, have you considered Open Innovation to help tackle your most significant challenges and opportunities?

Or, if you’re the leader of a smaller, potentially disruptive start-up business, have you ever explored some of the fantastic opportunities that are out there to collaborate with big business through Open Innovation programmes?

Maybe you’re a university researcher, interested in finding applied uses for your new ideas and discoveries?

Open Innovation is an approach taken by a business or organisation to access the ideas, technology and knowledge that is available externally, beyond its employees and existing supply chain.

Not every business develops everything in high levels of secrecy until new products are ready to be launched into the world.  More and more companies are seeing the benefits of engaging with new and diverse networks and communities for some of their own new product development and solution finding. Those companies are also beginning to release some of their applied and unused innovations outside too so that more organisations can benefit.

We are currently involved in Open Innovation projects including Northumbrian Water’s Innovation Festival, Sellafield’s Game Changers technology programme and Port of Tyne’s 2050 Innovation Hub.

Please do get in touch if you’d like to talk to us about open innovation opportunities for your business.