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Community Innovation Events

Co-creation for Community Solutions

We are experienced at running successful events online and in-person that bring communities together to collaborate and shape a way forward together.

Working with NHS, Northumbrian Water and the Community

In 2019 we designed and facilitated an innovation daily dash at Northumbrian Water’s Innovation Festival 2019, at the awesome Newcastle Racecourse venue.

Here’s how Northumbrian Water were promoting the event on their Innovation Festival 2019 website:

“This daily dash will explore ways to encourage people to drink more tap water so that they stay hydrated.  There are so many benefits to being hydrated and so many problems can occur when hydration levels are low, especially amongst vulnerable groups such as the elderly and unwell.  We want to identify innovative ways to promote hydration as a key factor in keeping peoplehealthy.”

Water Well Being with Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals

We facilitated around 30 attendees from the NHS, Northumbrian Water and others from different organisations and professions, so a very diverse group.  And as is the case for many community co-creation events, this meant that the facilitation plan needed to be designed with flexibility and accessibility for everyone in mind.

The solution presentations by the participants were absolutely awesome. Packed with great ideas, and when they have all been combined, we are confident that they will make a significant difference towards solving the big question that we started off with at the beginning of the day.

Working with Thirteen Housing Group and the Community of North Ormesby

We worked with Thirteen Housing Group and over 80 community members from North Ormesby, Middlesbrough to design and facilitate a 3-day event designed to generate ideas and changes that the residents wanted to see in the area.

The ‘Your Choice North Ormesby’ event in Middlesbrough invited as many people as possible in the community to come along and have their say on questions such as: ‘what works well now?’; ‘what’s missing from the community?’; and ‘what do you want to see in future?’ The partners running the event, including Thirteen and Middlesbrough Council, have since been working together with the residents to design and select the best developments.

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