Everyday Innovation - Online or In-Person Development Programme

Everyday Innovation

Live Online or In-Person

Everyday Innovation is a specially designed 2-day development programme to support you and your team in leading cultural change to significantly improve innovation and commercial thinking across your organisation.

We can run the programme live online, or in-person (socially distanced) to best suit the needs of your team.

The purpose of the programme is to support your success in motivating change and to give you, as leaders, the confidence to shape innovation culture. 

The programme explores:

  • Whya culture of everyday innovation is essential for the resilience of your organisation
  • A definition of everyday innovation that is specific to you and your business
  • What leaders and teams can do to facilitate a more innovative culture and commercial mind set
  • How to shape the organisation’s business model to better facilitate innovation
  • How to use tools, techniques and processes to spark innovation and get tangible results from ideas, in alignment with your vision and business model

You will receive a full toolkit of the tools, techniques and templates used throughout the programme so that you can apply them directly.

Example agenda

Day 1: Innovation Strategy

Using proven, contemporary innovation frameworks the day will introduce you to key innovation concepts and provide you with the opportunity to apply them to your own organisation and roles.

Session 1: Innovation in Context

This session explores external trends, changes, opportunities and challenges that are likely to impact the organisation in the near to medium term. Activities include:

  • Horizon Scanning
  • Strategic Space Mapping
  • Influencer Mapping
  • Risk and Opportunity Analysis

Session 2: Everyday Innovation

Session 2 focuses on your vision, business model and commercial strategy in the light of the external analysis from the previous session. Activities include:

  • Vision for Everyday Innovation
  • Creating a canvas for the current and target business model
  • Types of innovation – incremental, differential, disruptive – definitions, risks and benefits
  • Innovation, resilience and commercialisation

Session 3: Creating an Innovation Blueprint

Building on the activities from Session 3, you will progress to creating an ‘Innovation Blueprint’ for the organisation. You will get hands on with:

  • Innovation scoping
  • Innovation prioritisation

Session 4: From Idea to Results

In this session, you’ll learn how to take an idea from concept to practical opportunity and implementation. You’ll gain an in-depth, practical and applied understanding of each of the following:

  • Innovation process models – design thinking, user experience, customer design sprints
  • From idea to monetisation – the innovation process and filter
  • From idea to broader outcomes – creative outputs and values-driven, audience impact
  • Creating an innovation business case for effective decision-making

Day 2: Leading Innovation

In Day 1, you will have worked on the context and organisational framework for innovation. Day 2 focuses on the people elements and creating an innovation culture in line with your  strategy, business model and vision.

Session 1: Ideation

Session 1 focuses on what ideas are, how we have ideas and how to generate more and better business ideas. Content includes:

  • Definition of an idea
  • Business brainpower – how to have more and better ideas
  • Whole brain thinking

Session 2: Co-creation

Having learned about individual idea generation, you’ll then move on to understanding innovation in teams.  We use our Innovation Roadmap online questionnaire to identify your’ individual and team innovation style preferences. Activities include:

  • Co-creation
  • Team dynamics
  • Creative facilitation
  • Tools and techniques for innovation in teams
  • Open innovation – how to innovate with customers, stakeholders and supply specialists

Session 3: Everyday Innovation Leadership

This session focuses on how to lead to create an organisation-wide culture of everyday innovation and commercial thinking.

  • Role and attributes of innovation leaders
  • Understanding the key ingredients of innovation culture
  • Moving the needle – how to create a culture shift
  • Measuring innovation success

Session 4: Putting Everything Together

The final session revisits and reviews all the key concepts from the programme, and how you have applied these concepts to identify actionable strategies for your organisation.

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“This fascinating and engaging course challenged us to think differently and alter our perspectives. The techniques can be used to deliver innovation in a strategic way but also to make incremental changes. The course offered time to be creative, be inspired by colleagues and to learn useable techniques.”

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“This session was so creatively taught that we learnt as a by-product of having fun.”

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“Really excellent course. So pleased to be involved in this. very inspiring, very useable. Challenging in all the right ways!”

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“Creative, stimulating and practical. Jo was a fantastic course leader. Thank you.”

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