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Collaboration Skills

Our live online and in-person (socially-distanced) Collaboration Skills programmes provide a cohesive, actionable and transformative leadership development experience for senior leaders and managers who are directly involved in collaborative projects.

The aim of the programme is for you to grow your skills in developing mutually beneficial, collaborative relationships and culture to achieve tangible positive outcomes for your business and customers. It can be commissioned to be run inhouse for between 8 and 25 people each day.

The programme builds a more collaborative environment, focusing on getting delegates aligned to shared objectives, and each party’s role in collaborative projects from start to finish. The results will include improved trust, challenge, risk management, value-for-money and efficient delivery.

Some clients have used our programme to support with their achievement of ISO44001 – the International Standard in Collaborative Working.

Our programmes comprise the option of two full-day events, Leading Collaboration (day 1) and Collaboration in Action (day 2).

Leading Collaboration is for senior leaders. It includes influencing and role modelling collaboration culture and ways of working.

Collaboration in Action is for programme managers, project leaders and designers who have active participation in the process of collaborative innovation and project management on a day-to-day basis.

Each of the two days is designed to both stand alone and work as a cohesive 2-day experience for those colleagues who would benefit from attending each session.

The design for each day ensures that delegates benefit from a highly interactive, positively challenging, enjoyable and insightful experience. They will have ample opportunities throughout to practise the strategies, tools and techniques presented in the programme. Delegates will actively learn through collaboration.

We make sure that your business’ leadership values and behaviours are appropriately reflected and consistent throughout the programme.

Example Agendas

Here are sample agendas for each of the two days to give you an idea of the themes and content that we are likely to include. Please note, however, that these can of course be changed, and that we will work with you to design events that best suit your needs.

Leading Collaboration – Day 1

  • Session 1: Leading Collaboration
    • Definition and key principles
    • Collaboration through the innovation project lifecycle
    • Identifying and extracting value from collaboration at the strategic level
    • Introduction to and insights from the ISO44001 standard (if applicable)
    • Contemporary collaboration strategies
  • Session 2: Identifying Shared Objectives
    • Finding common ground – vision, mission, values, behaviours, goals
  • Session 3: Collaboration and Success
    • The early stages of the innovation project lifecycle – Stages 1-3
    • Goal setting and outcome focus
    • Roles and expectations
  • Session 4: Leadership Behaviours and Collaboration Excellence
    • Culture of collaboration
    • Role modelling
      • Relationships
      • Innovation
      • Problem-solving
    • Governance and Processes
  • Session 5: Leveraging difference to gain from positive, creative tension
    • Dealing with the most challenging points in the project lifecycle
      • Strategies for when collaboration gets tough
      • Support and challenge in collaborative working
      • How to challenge and be challenged effectively
  • Session 6: Reflection, personal action, planning, feedback and close.

Collaboration in Action – Day 2

Introduction – Understanding Collaboration

  • Session 1:
    • Definition and key principles
    • Identifying and extracting value from collaboration in projects – the innovation project lifecycle
    • Introduction to and insights from the ISO44001 standard (if applicable)
    • The collaboration ladder – from co-ordination to co-operation and collaboration

The collaboration ladder – from co-ordination to co-operation and collaboration

  • Session 2: Collaborator Mapping
    • Influence, interest, roles and objectives mapping
  • Session 3: Setting Up for Success
    • How to set up projects for optimal collaboration benefits
    • Scoping collaboration
    • Defining success measures
  • Session 4: Influencing Skills for Effective Collaboration
    • Understanding influencing styles and preferences
    • Building capacity for challenge
    • What to do when relationships and / or projects get tough
  • Session 5: Maintaining Momentum and Motivation
    • Tools, techniques and strategies for keeping the energy, commitment and focus of all collaborators high
  • Session 6: Reflection, personal action planning, feedback and close.