About Us - The Big Bang Partnership

About Us

Our mission is to grow business sustainably through creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial strategy.

Our vision is to make the world a better place by helping people in business open doors to growth that they didn’t know were there.

Our values are that we are:

  1. Creative: We think differently to innovate, find solutions and create entrepreneurial opportunities for you and your business. Whilst we work super hard for you, our customer, we do our best to make the experience fun and enjoyable, too.
  2. Commercial: We believe in purposeful innovation that will achieve a positive financial, sustainable return for your organisation.
  3. Growth-focused: We love the process of learning, and have an ability to spot untapped opportunities. We challenge ourselves to stay ahead of the curve and bring strategic insight to your business.
  4. Committed: We put the same energy and thought into what we do for your business as we do for our own. We deliver and achieve what we promise, and our minimum standard is to exceed our promises whenever we can.
  5. Straightforward: We are easy to deal with, transparent and don’t hide behind unnecessary innovation gloss and jargon. We are straight talking and simply do our very best to help you succeed.