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Our goal is to help you and your business expand, develop and evolve, now and in the future. We are experts in helping businesses, individuals and research organisations overcome problems, develop effective business strategy and optimise their creative potential. At the Big Bang Partnership Ltd we understand the importance of making the right decisions today to enable you to get where you want to be tomorrow.

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We specialise in:

  • Optimising the creative potential of people, products, services and brands
  • Bid strategies
  • Business repositioning
  • Change management
  • Entrepreneurial career development
  • Building an innovation culture
  • Intrapreneur recruitment


At The Big Bang Partnership Ltd we facilitate positive development through a range
of workshops, mentoring, coaching, online training and hands-on consultancy services. We can also offer assistance with the development of compelling bid strategies and the recruitment of
high-calibre commercial professionals. Because every business is different, with its own distinct challenges and opportunities, everything we offer is tailored to your specific needs.