Business Insights for Public Sector Organisations

This one-day programme is designed on a bespoke basis to meet the specific needs of the client organisation. We have successfully delivered this programme to over 450 public sector delegates across the UK, achieving exceptional delegate satisfaction feedback scores.


The Big Bang Partnership designs and delivers our Business Insights programme for public sector organisations through the University of York. The University of York provides certification on completion of the course.

The University runs a wide range of short courses, masters programmes and bespoke training and education activities for public and private sector organisations across the world – find out more here .

Our Business Insights course is highly interactive, engaging and thought-provoking. Delegates frequently report that they have gained a great deal of useful insight whilst also enjoying the day and being stimulated by the learning.

Learning outcomes

Delegates will gain an understanding of:

  • The commercial perspective of business management.
  • The pressures and barriers that businesses face, whether that be complying with regulations or dealing with the day-to-day challenges of running a business.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the wider regulations affecting businesses and how these impact planning and operations.
  • Confidence and awareness of the business context, enabling more intelligent and effective conversations with companies.
  • Tools to apply the learning in their own roles and experience of using those tools and techniques in practice in their own roles.

High-level Outline


  • What it means to be ‘in business’

Understanding the business lifecycle

  • Key stages and structures
  • Business demographics (specific to the client)
  • Turnover, size, sector, employees
  • Business plans
  • Culture
  • How businesses become successful
  • Connecting with the business decision-maker

The competitive marketplace

  • Customers and markets
  • Competition
  • The changing business environment

Efficient and effective business operations

  • Business models
  • Operations
  • Business jargon-busting


  • Using knowledge and insight from the programme at work.


Who the programme is for

It is highly recommended for public sector teams who interact with businesses, or who are in the process of re-engineering their service provision.


Programme impact

Just a few of the many comments from Business Insights delegates are:

“I thought the course was well presented, easy to listen to and good group activities. Made us continually think and put new ideas together.”

“Excellent delivery and content. Style encouraged participation. Learnt a great deal and made me think.”

“I enjoyed the day and I will certainly be able to use the lessons learnt.”

“Well done Jo on a very interesting and enjoyable day – lots to think about. Excellent training session.”

“Really good constructive, thought provoking day – well worth it.”

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