Leading Creative Teams


In today’s challenging, fast-paced environment, leaders who are able to realise the diverse innovation talent in their teams are more likely to generate competitive advantage.

Whatever your level of leadership experience, this session will give you a new insight into how to get the best from your team and your colleagues across the business. This workshop is consistent with contemporary leadership best practice and specifically focuses on how to lead teams to think more creatively, whether to generate new ideas or solve challenging problems from a fresh perspective.

The FourSight (TM) Innovation Tool for Thinking Teams is used to generate a highly individualised profile that each delegate can take away and use after the event to help achieve success.


Areas that will be covered on this course include:

  • What creative leadership is and what its benefits are
  • Creative climate – why it is important and what it consists of
  • Applying the Foursight (TM) creative leadership tool
  • Getting the most from your creative thinking style and understanding your personal profile
  • Understanding and getting the most from the creative thinking styles of your colleagues
  • Pragmatic, easy-to-use tools and techniques for more innovative team meetings
  • Developing a personal action plan for creative leadership


Participants will receive a personal profile of their creative preferences plus their own leadership plan, which they can put into action the second they are back in the office. This will help build a strong principle of innovation within their team to gain a good competitive advantage in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

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