A big welcome to your Idea Time free trial!

To get you started, we have given you access to the full first week of the programme, completely free of charge.

In your trial session, you will spend some time thinking about your ‘BHAG’ – Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal – that you would like to achieve professionally or for your business.

You will use creative thinking techniques, including “WIFI” – “Wouldn’t it be fantastic if…” and Visual Mapping, supported by the downloadable worksheet. The worksheet is best printed in colour on A3 paper, but if that’s tricky for you and you’d like a hard copy posting to you, just let us know.


If you’re interested in knowing more about the techniques themselves and how they work, read on to the Bumper Bonus bits provided in the main pdf booklet.

Don’t forget to email us at hello@bigbangpartnership.co.uk to book in your free one-to-one Skype or telephone coaching session with Jo. She would love to hear all about your BHAG and help you to get started with it, whether or not you choose to sign up for the full programme.

And finally, once you have worked through the pdf, please click on your Flipchart Friday video link for an extra tip to complement your thinking and learning so far. It’s only a few minutes long, and is designed to round off your first Idea Time session.

Hope you enjoy working on your BHAG!

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