Adapt and Grow with Breakthrough Thinking

The world around is constantly changing. To be future-proof, organisations need to be able to spot the signs of change and recognise the potential challenges and opportunities that change may bring.  Businesses also need to create dynamic capability – that is, the ability to respond to the unexpected and unpredictable.

We work with our clients to help them identify early signals of competitor, social, technological, environmental and political change and to prepare to leverage their position.

We also provide external, insightful challenge to begin the process of starting a new growth curve for the organisation, powering breakthrough thinking that takes the company to the next level.

If you are looking to grow your business, we will help you with:

  • Growth consultancy. We will perform an independent market landscaping review of your industry and / or customer segments to identify profitable growth opportunities, plans to go after and get them, and the business case for doing so.
  • Business planning. We will work alongside you to review where your business is at right now, and identify specific and implementable business growth plans for the years to come as the next phase of your organisation’s development.
  • Organisational readiness. In partnership with your senior team we will assess your organisation’s readiness for growth from the perspective of people capability. We will design a plan with you that will make sure your people have the skills and competencies they need to achieve your growth plans.
  • Bids and tenders. Work-winning through bids, tenders and proposals may be an important way for you to grow your customer base and acquire strategically important new clients. We have extensive, proven experience in bid and tender development and will provide you with invaluable support in: 
    • Creating your win themes and bid strategy.
    • Coaching your bid leaders and writers.
    • Developing innovative proposals that lead to improved service and /or reduced costs.
    • Facilitating visioning and problem-solving workshops for the diverse technical experts in our bid teams.
    • Reviewing your bids and tenders for clarity, messaging, quality evaluation and compliance.
    • Improving your bid processes from start to finish.


Our team has extensive commercial experience, in addition to being exceptional facilitators. We all walk the talk and combine real-world business expertise with the very latest evidence-based, research supported approaches and methodologies. We also love our work and want you to enjoy everything we do together. Our programmes and activities are very interactive.  Work with us for a high-impact, positive, fun and commercially successful creative experience!

Examples of the positive impact that our work has had for our clients include:

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