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We are experts in helping you and your team to have more and better business ideas.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Have lots of ideas. Many of them will not be great, but getting good ideas is a numbers game. The more ideas you have the more likely you are to have some good ones.
  2. Be open to serendipity – happy accidents or fortunate mistakes. This means actively looking out for potential new ideas in your day-to-day work and being curious.
    Examples of serendipitous ideas include:
    • The idea for Velcro 
    • The discovery of penicillin.
    • Percy Spencer’s invention of the microwave oven.


Chance favours only prepared minds.

Louis Pasteur


  1. Use techniques designed to help your mind to generate new connections and insights by getting it to think differently from its usual day-to-day modus operandi. There are literally hundreds of potential techniques that you can use, and many of them fall into the following types:
  • Reframing – seeing the current situation from a different perspective.
  • Combining – putting two or more things together to create something new.
  • Force-fitting – using dissimilar, or apparently unrelated, objects, elements, or ideas to obtain fresh new possibilities for a challenge or opportunity.
  • Revolution – is idea generation at its most provocative. Revolution is a deliberate challenge of existing rules and assumptions. Some of the great creative leaps of our time – “What if we could fly?” – have come from revolution. Revolution techniques are based on exaggeration and creative stretch.


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